Golf Rangefinders Australia & New Zealand

There are two huge benefits to using a golf rangefinder.

1. Go out onto the golf range and, as well as practicing your swing, use your rangefinder to determine how far you hit the ball with each club under various conditions. This is important personal knowledge that will be of immense benefit, particularly when playing on a new golf course.

2. When playing, whether on a new or familiar course, use your rangefinder to accurately map your club usage for each hole. All golfers will find their rangefinder to be of great help especially when they have to hit a tough golf shot such as over water and in front of a bunker.

A golf rangefinder is like an insider that tells you what you’ll likely expect on the course. Otherwise, your decisions are most likely based on what your hunches and experience are telling you. If you are playing on a new golf course, the lack of familiarity will definitely lead you to missed shots and cause you to lose valuable strokes. A good rangefinder replaces guesswork with knowledge.

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