Women's Golf Shoes Reviews: Wear Nothing but the Best

Women’s Golf Shoes Reviews: Wear Nothing but the Best

Your golf shoes are probably the most important item of golf clothing you own. They anchor you to the ground, enabling you to swing with confidence and authority, yet must be light and comfortable enough for you to walk 18 or even 36 holes.

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Callaway 300 Pro Golf Rangefinder

Father’s Day Gifts Golfers

There are so many Father’s Day gifts for golfers that you are spoilt for choice. From a good book to a new rangefinder, you are sure to find something to make Dad’s day special.

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Gogogo Pro GS-22 Golf Rangefinder 400

2022 Best Cheap Golf Rangefinder

Every golfer intent on improving their score needs a rangefinder. But they can be very expensive. We review the best cheap golf rangefinder for players on a budget.

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Bushnell Pro XE Golf Rangefinder

2022 Best Golf Rangefinder Review

This review is of the Bushnell Pro XE Golf Rangefinder. This is the latest offering from the respected Bushnell brand and we believe the best golf rangefinder available today.

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Golf Swing Video

It’s About the Swing, Stupid

The swing is where it all starts. Get your golf swing right and everything else starts to come together. Get it wrong, and your drive doesn’t go straight down the middle of the fairway where you want it and it doesn’t go very far either.

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Improve Your Golf Putting 400

How to Improve Your Putting

How to improve your putting by using the right stance, the right approach and the right putter.

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