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S7K Standing Putter for Men and Women

S7K Standing Putter for Men and Women –Stand Up Golf Putter for Perfect Alignment –Legal for Tournament Play –Eliminate 3-Putts

These are Amazon reviews from genuine purchasers of this putter:

"I am shocked. I bought this putter against my better judgement, imagine buying any club without testing it? Not me. But, I figured it might confirm my alignment and then I’d return it. Well, it didn’t confirm my alignment, it corrected it. And the feel of the club is much better than its “look”. Result, I am putting better, my playing partners are not happy, but I sure am."

"I purchased the S7K after watching a review by Rick Shiels golf video. This putter is supposed to help with alignment and holding the putter correctly. It does do that, and I am already finding that the putter head helps with starting the ball in the right direction."

The only negative about this putter is the foam like handle. I found it to cause my hands to feel very uncomfortable. I am older and use a larger putter handle on my old Odessey putter. So, after putting with the S7K for two rounds of golf, I had the handle replaced with a larger putter handle, and that has helped me with the comfort of using the putter. However, the putter doesn’t stand up on its own in some positions on a non-level green. So, I guess it was designed with that handle in mind."

"I wasn't sure what to expect when I ordered the putter, but I was not ready for how much I love this thing! Probably shaved 6 or more strokes off my round the first time I used it! I read that it's legal, but honestly, it shouldn't be - it's too good to be legal!"

"Man, this thing is amazing. Took it to the course for the first time yesterday. Several 10 to 15 footer and almost a 35 footer. I have not put like this ever. Now if your issue with putting is line up (my case), this is it, you will put like pros. Other issues like pulling or pushing still would be a problem but not so much. The head is heavy and help with that a little bit. I usually don't write reviews, but this putter deserves my 5 minutes. Yes, I have tried lots of putters including new Spider, new Two balls , I line, name it. I was fitted twice and never put like I did yesterday. Can't wait to take it back to the course. Not sure about a foam grip but I will live with it."

The manufacturer says:

PERFECT LINE EVERY TIME: Close to 80% of putts are missed before you even start your stroke and poor alignment is to blame; Using the S7K golf putter you set the putter behind the ball and then step back to check your alignment from behind and down the line instead of looking over the ball and to the side; You will see in an instant if you are misaligned so you can correct it and take a confident stroke.

STANDS UP BY ITSELF, EVEN ON SLOPES: Other standing putters claim to stand on their own but struggle on uneven lies and imperfect green conditions; The S7K was meticulously tested to stand by itself even on slopes and in a light breeze; Just set it, check it, stroke it, sink it; Quickly start drain more putts from all over the green.

BUILT-IN IMPACT POSITION & STRIKE DOT: The S7K stand up putter has the perfect setup built right in; Once it’s aligned just place your hands on the grip and take your stroke, no adjusting the angle of the shaft. Plus the impact strike dot tells you exactly where to focus on contact for consistently solid putts; Perfect alignment, setup and impact give you extreme confidence in your putting.

EXCEPTIONAL FEEL, BALANCE & ROLL: The S7K’s ultra-light grip and shaft transfer tons of feedback to your hands, enhancing your speed and distance control; You will enjoy a buttery feel and sweet sound at impact, plus the best sound of all, the sound of the ball dropping in the cup; The S7K practically swings itself and rolls pure; Never miss another easy putt inside 10 feet.

LEGAL FOR TOURNAMENT PLAY & 1-YEAR MANUFACTURER WARRANTY; High-quality construction backed by unbeatable one-year manufacturer warranty against defects.


Odyssey EXO Putter

Odyssey EXO Putter

These are Amazon reviews from genuine purchaser of this putter:

"Fabulous Putter the best I've tried. It is a copy of the Toulon model with improvements and a lower price point."

"Amazing putter. Seriously improved my putting, the first day I played, after some practice at home!"

"Great Value. Except for a little grip discoloring on the white part, it appeared brand new."

"Total control. Since buying this putter, rarely have to more than 2-putt. Have been able develop a great feel for my putts!"

"Nice putter. The grip was a bit off so I had to get that corrected."

"Amazing how the ball starts rolling immediately after leaving the club face."

"Love the way the putter feels. Very well balanced , allowing for a straighter putt."

The manufacturer says:

Odyssey EXO Seven S is a toe hang mallet with maximum forgiveness from multi-material construction, legendary White Hot feel and immediate roll from Microhinge.

Odyssey EXO Putters with Stroke Lab shafts represent a remarkable meeting of three of our newest innovations: EXO construction, White Hot Micro hinge Insert, and Stroke Lab Weighting.

EXO delivers an incredibly high MOI design from a premium multi-material construction, featuring a lightweight 6061 milled aluminum exo-cage and 17-4 stainless steel in the head.

Our legendary White Hot insert is combined with our proven Micro hinge technology that creates immediate forward roll for more consistent accuracy and distance control.

New Stroke Lab shaft saves weight that’s relocated into each end of the putter to dramatically change performance dynamics to promote a smoother and more accurate stroke.

EXO provides both face balanced options (which reduce face rotation in the stroke) and toe hang options (which allow for more face rotation in the stroke) on each model.

TaylorMade Golf TP Patina Del Monte Putter SuperStroke Grip

TaylorMade Golf TP Patina Del Monte Putter with SuperStroke Grip

These are Amazon reviews from genuine purchaser of this putter:

"This putter has quite a bit going for it and while putters completely come down to preference and confidence, the Del Monte is on you should give a shot if you're in the market for a new putter. For context, I switched from a blade-style putter to the a mallet (Odyssey #7) and have since dropped my score to the low 80's and never looked back. The Del Monte was the first I gave a serious thought about changing back.

Overall, the TP series of putters is already excellent. I played with an Ardmore 3 for a week on a golf trip and seriously considered picking one up. The patina finish provides a bit of an aged-copper feel that looks similar to their Hi-Toe wedges. I'm certainly a fan of the look as the shine on polished black clubs eventually go away with age.

From what I've read, they've improved their inserts, but coming from a white-hot face, I wouldn't be able to pinpoint what how the update improves the roll. Either way, the sound is nice and the feeling is solid - the firmness of the putt made my often wonder if there was an insert at all. I was able to get great roll from my strokes in the direction I wanted it to go - the distance took a bit more getting used to.

"I played several rounds with the TaylorMade TP Patina Del Monte putter, and It performed well.

To start, I like the single bend shaft, which allows for a good sight line standing over a putt. The center line on the head makes alignment very simple and straightforward. I was using the 35 inch model, and I'm a little over 6 feet with a slightly upright stance and the size was perfect for me. The 35 inches here feels like the 35 inches I've been using with my Odyssey putter for years. The grip has a good size for my hands although the length of the grip could be a tad longer. The face of the grip is wide and flat. I personally like it, but if you're coming from a smaller "stock" grip size on your putter, this larger, oversized grip might take some time to get used to.

If there is a personal downside to this putter, I would say it's the included 2.5 gram weights on this putter - which are too light for my tastes. I think I'm going to goto a golf store to try out the heavy 20 gram weights, and work my way down from there. For me, a little extra weight adds stability and predictability to my stroke from more distances."

"There is a reason people keep spending so much on putters. I have to be honest, the design of a putter has some impact on your putts, but far more important is the psychological impact the putter has for you. There is junk out there so poorly designed it can keep you from making smooth strokes. But when you get into the upper third of putters, you are really looking for one that fits your stroke and personality.
When I putt, my mind is trying to keep the clubface perpendicular with the line. Certain designs give me a consistent feel all the way through the stroke. I sense where the clubface is and what it is going to do to the ball. This TaylorMade putter gives me a great feel for that consistent stroke. Even on long putts when you tend to bring the club around your body just a tad (which in my mind I try to minimize) this putter gives me a consistent feel for where the clubface is at all times.
Balance - this club just feels solid in your hands. It may sound ridiculous, but I can tell by feel what type of engineering the club has. This one is milled so precisely and the components are constructed and assembled so well you feel a consistent vibe all the way through impact. Years ago I laughed at guys who would spend so much on a club like this, but the more I've used the better equipment, the more I understand. Some are totally overrated, others are worth every penny. For some strange reason, putters are worth the investment for me. Drivers, not so much. I think it is because of the psychological factor.
Overall, this putter has great balance, is milled and constructed impeccably, performs amazing through impact with a perfect launch angle and spin, and just feels good through the strike. I couldn't be happier with this club."

The manufacturer says:

The new TP Patina Collection features seven club heads, with two new models: the Del Monte and the DuPage. With blades for control or mallets for forgiveness, the TP Patina Collection is sure to class up your game.


Single Bend Shaft allows for an unobstructed view of the face from address
8* Toe Hang for a slightly arcing putting stroke

Single Sightline provides a clean look at address while enhancing alignment
Pure Roll

A thicker 5mm aluminum insert offers great sound, a solid feel, and was designed to optimize roll characteristics

Premium Patina Finish

A new patina finish that combines black nickel and copper to create a reveal on the edges and sole of the putter. This patina finish creates a rich, clean, and unique look that oxidizes over time

Signature TP Screws

The new Pure Roll insert is securely fastened by two screws in the cavity. This process creates a tight bond that minimizes voids or air pockets underneath the insert for a more solid feel at impact

Adjustable Weight System

TP sole weights will be unique to each stock or custom length to hit a specific swing weight. 2.5, 5, 7.5, 10, 15, and 20 gram weights are available for sale separately

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