2022 Best Budget Golf Rangefinders

We look at the 5 best budget (under $200) golf rangefinders with the emphasis on value for money without sacrificing performance or quality.

These are our recommendations for the best budget golf rangefinders available. They are all under $200 and have a 4 star or better rating from actual Amazon purchasers.

You can be confident that all of these best budget golf rangefinders represent excellent value for money.

In addition, we review the best cheap laser golf rangefinder. Fully featured, yet under $100, it's rated number 2 in the Amazon best seller list.

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Callaway 300 Pro Golf Rangefinder with Slope Measurement

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Calloway 300 Pro $199.99

Slope feature measures angle of incline/decline and automatically calculates slope adjusted distance.

6x magnification; range 5-1000 yards with +/- 1 yard accuracy.

Pin acquisition technology (P.A.T.) quickly locks onto the pin from up to 300 yards away.

Exclusive BIRDIE feature delivers audible "chirp" to confirm distance acquisition to flagstick.

Scan functionality allows golfers to acquire distances to multiple targets at once.

At $199.99, the Calloway 300 Pro is the most expensive of the rangefinders reviewed but as measured by Amazon ratings it's the best budget golf rangefinder available today. But if budget is your main consideration, we have others available at a lower price, and all with good ratings.


Bozily 6X Laser Rangefinder with Slope On/Off and Flag Lock

Bozily 6X $139.99

High-definition camera, 6X Magnification, 7 degree field angle, distance range 5-1000 yds, 200+yds to Flag. Class 1, 905nm laser type, 4 scan modes, General Golf/Slope / Vertical/ Speed, LCD Digital display, high-speed and accurate reading, accuracy ±1yd, eligible for Golf Tournament.

There are 4 scan modes. General mode is for measuring the actual distance. Slope mode shows the angle and slope-adjusted distance. Vertical mode is for vertical and horizontal distance measurements. Speed mode measures 20-300 km/hr.

Dimensions are 103*39*72 mm, portable size, ergonomic design and water-resistant. Units of measure can be swapped between meters and yards.

Accurate out to 1000 yards and with digitally enhanced accuracy.

Wosports Golf Rangefinder 650 Yards with Slope and Flag Lock

Wosports 650 $109.99

With Wosports innovative battery cover design, the battery cover and the range finder are inseparable. Never misplace the battery cover again.

You can switch between yards and meters.

With flagpole lock and range modes, golfers can easily identify the flag stick. Accuracy ranges from 5 to 650 yards and 180 yards to a flag lock.

With 6x magnification and measuring up to 650 yards, The Wosports 650 also has fog and speed modes for amazing clarity under adverse conditions.

The rangefinder has a worry-free 18-month warranty and friendly customer service.

TecTecTec VPRO500 Laser Golf Rangefinder with Pinsensor

TecTecTec VPRO500 $149.99

The VPRO500 Laser Rangefinder is a premium product, measuring up to 540 yards with continuous scan mode and a durable, water resistant body.

Fast measurement with 1 yard accuracy, together with Pin-Sensor technology to accurately measure overlapping subjects using yards or meters.

Premium, ultra clear, multilayered optics with easy read, through the lens display with distance and battery meter, and continuous measurement mode for fast, convenient measurements.

Measuring just 104 x 72 x 41 mm and weighing just 185g, the VPRO 500 has a water and dust resistant, durable body, perfect for carrying while golfing.

Gogogo Rangefinder with Flag Pole Locking and Slope Mode

Gogogo 6X $90.00

The most cost-effective rangefinder you can find on the market to provide you everything you need for golfing with reliable product quality and after sales service.

Provides high-precision distance measurement. Integrates latest functions such as continuous range readings, ARC (angle range compensation), Pin-Seeking and Flagpole-Locking Vibration and Speed Measuring.

Measuring range from 5 to 650 yards, with +/- 1m high accuracy and 6x magnification. 

Fully multicoated optic lens effectively reduces reflected light and increases the transmission of light giving you a brighter clear image.

The product comes with a 1-year warranty with new product replacement or optional full refund.

At a mere $90.00 (note without even the traditional .99) the Gogogo 6X is the cheapest budget golf rangefinder available that still comes with a good customer rating from Amazon.

For our review of the best golf rangefinder available, see 2020 Best Golf Rangefinder Review.


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