2022 Best Golf Club Sets for Men

Our Best Golf Club Sets for Men

Callaway Men's Strata Tour Complete Golf Set (16-Piece)

Callaway Men's Strata Tour Complete Golf Set (16-Piece)

These are Amazon reviews from genuine purchasers of this complete golf club set:

"Better than expected pleasantly Surprised on the quality for the price."

"Absolutely Fabulous
Reasonable price for 1st set of clubs."

"Needed new clubs. Packaging was great. Very secure. So far, I have had no problems, I have hit over 300 balls and the clubs look great. The driver is in great shape no dents or cracks. I hope I have not jinxed my clubs."

"The set is very light and the straps are very comfortable. The Driver takes some getting used to but all in all this is a great set for amateur golfers."

"Great clubs for the price. Perfect for a beginner-intermediate. Sturdy, good build, solid construction, sharp look."

"I normally struggle with hybrids, but getting stuff shafts definitely helped and also made my driving more consistent. Overall a good set of clubs and a good quality bag."

"This set is high quality and a perfect gift for my 17 year old grandson. We couldn't be more pleased."

The manufacturer says:

The Strata Tour Package Set is engineered to give you high performance on every club for better shots from tee-to-green. The lightweight 460cc forged driver, fairway wood, hybrids, irons and putter make up a set that provides a great combination of distance, forgiveness and control.



A lightweight 460cc forged driver that has a large sweet spot and a titanium head, it’s designed for distance and forgiveness that will help you hit it farther off the tee. (Headcover included).

Fairway Wood

The fairway wood is very forgiving and has a more aerodynamic head shape for long, high flying shots. (Headcover included).


A great alternative to difficult long irons that gives you more confidence on a variety of shots.


These stainless steel irons offer excellent performance with a combination of forgiveness and control.

Cobra Golf 2019 Men's XL Speed Complete Golf Set

Cobra Golf 2019 Men's XL Speed Complete Golf Set

These are Amazon reviews from genuine purchaser of this complete golf club set:

"So far the clubs are performing as expected or better. I went to the driving range and took a 30 minute refresher lesson to adjust to the clubs. The pro was impressed with them and thought they were reasonably price."

"I like everything about this set, very well done and a complete set, with bag and head covers, quality from top to bottom !!"

"Awesome clubs. I was looking to buy my first set and found these ones. I had a good deal on them but they're great clubs."

"Great, reasonably priced men’s set. Very forgiving."

"Made very nice."

"Great clubs."

"Great set of clubs."

"I bought these from my pga tour superstore they’re great clubs and the bag is really nice."

"Irons are great. Drive flow can be better."

The manufacturer says:

The men's Cobra XL Speed Complete Set is the perfect starter set for those just getting into the game. Lightweight, easy-to-hit clubs (Driver, Fairway, Hybrid, Irons, and Blade Putter) allow you to focus on having a great time on the course, while simultaneously growing your passion for the game. A premium cart bag includes a 14-way top, 7 zippered compartments, 1 velour-lined valuables pocket, and a large insulated beverage cooler pocket than can hold up to fourteen 12 oz. cans.

DRIVER: Titanium driver features an oversized club head shape and low, back/heel weighting delivering the best combination of distance and forgiveness.

FAIRWAYS: 3 and 5 wood feature a shallow profile and low, back/heel weighting for higher, towering shots from any fairway lie.

IRONS: The irons feature a traditional cavity back construction which improves forgiveness and stability on miss-hits.

PUTTER: A premium putter design features a machined face pattern which delivers exceptional feel and control on long and short putts.

CART BAG: 14-way top, 7 zippered compartments. 1 velour-lined valuables pocket and beverage cooler.

Wilson Men's Ultra Complete Golf Set

Wilson Men's Ultra Complete Golf Set

These are Amazon reviews from genuine purchaser of this complete golf club set:

"First off, disregard the 1 star review about denting the driver. All modern drivers are hollow thin metal, and if you slam the bottom of your driver into the ball like a sledgehammer it'll dent, even if it's a $500 Ping or Callaway. If you think this is a major problem, get an old wood or steel driver instead, or just use a hammer. I've also dented mine learning how to play, but it still works fine, and I'm glad it wasn't a more expensive one. This entire set costs less than most entry level iron sets and comes with a pretty nice and lightweight bag!

I don't believe a sand wedge or longer irons were included in the set as they are harder to hit, and this is aimed at a beginner market. I picked up a used sandwege and 5 iron from a local goodwill for $5!

All and all, I don't think you can go wrong here. I picked this set over the Strata set due to the lower cost and the reviews having less pictures of heads snapped off! Haven't regretted it for a minute.

"Since I did not own a set of golf clubs and never played on a full course before, I decided to look for a decently priced beginner set of golf clubs and these fit the bill. Everything I needed to get started and practice, so I bought the set off of Amazon in early summer. Unfortunately I did not have an opportunity to use them right away due to a few factors, one being my ex wife didn't like me playing with balls. I tried to reaffirm to her that I didn't love balls but she was still jealous.
Fast forward to October 21, 2017, after I found proof of my ex cheating, she proceeded to grab the putter from the bag and beat me over the head and back 15+ times. Needless to say, the putter did not bend even the slightest! When I was able to actually go and use the clubs for their main purpose, they did well. I am sure there are sets out there better but for the price, I am satisfied. These clubs hold up to balls and heads pretty well!"

"I barely qualify as a beginner golfer, but I am quite adept at researching. lol

I only had a couple days to practice with these before I played a fun scramble. These are incredibly forgiving and swing quite nicely. If you are a beginner these are your saving grace."

"Golf facts. All the clubs in this bag have greater technology than the clubs used by Bobby Jones or Arnold Palmer. These clubs are fine. If you do not know how to swing a golf club using Pings' or Wilson's will get the same result. Crap!!! Take a lesson, learn how to swing, then play golf. Clubs mean nothing if your swing is not there. These golf clubs are the best deal amazon has. Buy them today. If you need a sand wedge, go to a local golf store and pick one up. I love playing people with $1500 clubs and hitting the ball just as far and as straight as they do. As far as not being a complete set? I rarely in an 18 hole round see anyone use more than 5 or 6 clubs. Spend $1000 if you need to see that fancy name on your bag, or spend less than $200, take a few lessons and enjoy this game."

The manufacturer says:

Super game improvement design focuses on generating more distance for beginner golfers
Large 460cc Titanium matrix driver uses hot face and low center of gravity to launch the ball off the Tee.

Large sweet spot irons feature perimeter weighting for improved performance on off center hits.

Alignment putter with soft Paddle grip improves aim and distance for all golfers
Lightweight ergonomic bag features self activating stand and numerous pockets.

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