Bushnell Pro XE Golf Rangefinder

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The Absolute Best Golf Rangefinder (Check the Reviews)

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Here are 2 reviews from genuine purchasers of this product:

"I don’t normally write reviews for someone who reads reviews as much as I do. My old Bushnell V2 finally gave out and I needed to get a new rangefinder. Like everyone I was a little sticker shocked by the price of the XE, latest and greatest. I read reviews out there on all viable options from the Tour V4 to the no name new comers. I ended up buying the Precision Pro NX7 Pro Slope thinking it made sense that it was “almost just as good”, perhaps a little slower, but worth it for half the price. By the reviews I expected it to feel a little cheaper and it did, but I knew that. It arrived on a Thursday and I was on the course Sat morn. The lag in reading was noticeable, even compared to my ancient Bushnell. The deal breaker for me was not getting ant reading three times inside of 110. Nothing. Tried and tried and had to rely on my buddies V4. I returned it on Monday (no questions asked, Amazon just kicks rear) and ordered the XE....OMG, what an amazing difference and badass tool. The feel is awesome. It feels like what you expect from Bushnell. The optics are simply amazing. I had to figure out the brightness and how the jolt works ( do a little reading folks), bit it is flawless and worth every penny. Sometimes you get what you pay for, this is that case. I can’t give a high enough rating. It’s that impressive."

"I've had my last range finder (Bushnell Pinseeker 1500) for over 12 years but it recently is having hard time locking on pins. At first I thought is me getting older at 66 years of age. But when I tried newer range finders that my friends played I had an easier time. So - which one to buy as there are so many out there cheaper than Bushnell. I read tons of reviews and tried out many but ended up selecting Bushnell's top of the line Pro XE because my last one lasted fore 12 years and has served me very well. The newer model is smaller but very fast to lock onto the pin - even when you have hills or trees right behind the green it is very easy to lock onto the pin with confidence. The optics are crystal clear. When reading reviews I saw that people were not always able to get the visual red ring and vibration affect when locking onto pins. I concur with this finding as it does not always work, however, it still locks on the target and you know with confidence that its accurate as you can easily select a target behind the pin and compare - its that fast! My hands are at times a little shaky when targeting longer distances (over 200 yards), but the laser feedback is so fast that all I have to do is touch the fire button a couple of times and it hits the targets before my hands jitter off line. The Pro XE allows you do adjust the brightness of the red text - I found that you will want to adjust it to the higher setting and leave it alone - that way you can easily see the text in any kind of light including bright sunlight. The focus ring is "tight" and you will need two hands to adjust the focus for you and you will not have to adjust it again as it will not slide with use. I wear contacts and find now fault with the optics. My friends with glasses tried it out and they were also very pleased with the optics. I did find that I have to hold it just about a fingers width in front of my eye and its works great and is easy to hold steady that way. The Pro XE is very well build - rugged and easy to hold - its water proof as well. I took it to Ireland and it had no issues with cutting through the morning fog. If this range finder lasts me half as long as my last Bushnell (and I expect it will) its a deal. I paid $500 on Amazon Prime. I golf four times a week and highly recommend this to any golfer."