TecTecTec VPRO500 Golf Rangefinder

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Amazon's Best Selling Golf Rangefinder (Find Out Why)

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Here are 2 reviews from genuine purchasers of this product:

I play golf 2-3 times per week and the performance of this rangefinder was comparable or superior to other

"I purchased this product in March, 2016. I play golf 2-3 times per week and the performance of this rangefinder was comparable or superior to other, more expensive devices. In December 2017 elements in the LCD display began to fail and the numbers were difficult to discern. Couldn't tell in the pin was 158 yards or 183 yards. I contacted the company and they suggested some remedial steps that did not work. I recontacted the company in February 2018. They indicated that my one year warranty had expired. After further discussion, they offered to extend the warranty for an additional year (March 2018) however, I would be responsible for shipping my device back to the company. No big deal. UPS store packaged and shipped the product to TecTec for $13.00. I provided TecTec with my UPS tracking number late on a Wednesday afternoon. Friday morning, I opened my front door to get my newspaper and my new rangefinder was on my porch. Shiny, new VPRO500. On the course, the device seemed to have improved in it's ability to read the flagstick and give a yardage reading more quickly than my previous device. Great product, great service."

Cool finder and well made, accurate

"Just received my rangefinder from tech tech tech. I love the compactness of it and the fact that it fits in the palm of my hand. I also purchased a red silicone cover from them as well as to protect it from getting scratched up. I used it for the first time on Sunday at a course with lots of obstructions, hills, and long par 4 and 5’s. I was able to zero in from 540 yards and compared the yardage/distance accuracy side by sids vs my Golf Logix gps iphone app. and It was spot on. The pinseeker mode was also very accurate and quite impressive. I got this unit on a 30 minute special for $119. Couldn’t believe it because I have been watching this product in my wish list for over three weeks now. Kudos to TECTECTEC for designing such an outstanding product. I’ve been an Amazon prime member for over 5 years now and trust the integrity of the vendors they do business with. My new VPRO500 came with a 2 year warranty which was easy to register through their website. I was Also very impressed to receive an email TecTecTec shortly after registering my warranty asking me if i had any questions about my new rangefinder. They are very eager keep their customers happy and willing to go the extra mile to make sure their clients are satisfied. I would highly recommend and would go head to head with my VPRO500 against any of the name brand/over priced rangefinders out on the market."