2022 Best Golf Club Irons for Men

Our Best Golf Club Irons for Men

Cleveland Golf 2018 Men's Launcher CBX Iron Set

Cleveland Golf 2018 Men's Launcher CBX Iron Set

These are Amazon reviews from genuine purchasers of this iron set:

"Can't say enough about these irons. First off they look great. Played a couple of rounds already and they look great and feel even better. Never hit a 4 iron with such a beautiful ball flight. Just great clubs period!"

"I shall start with this I Love These Clubs!
For a Mid to Low Handicap player these clubs will give you all the Feel feedback you will ever want. They can be a little low on the spin rate that they will put on a ball but the flight path on standard shots will make up for slightly lower spin rate. The irons work well when using different shot shapes and the 4 iron be lofted at 20° works really well for stingers.

If you are in the market for a new set of Irons before spending around $200-$300 more for a set comparable Taylormades, Callway, and Ping try these clubs just the feel from striking a ball may change your mind."


"Great clubs. Love the Cleveland wedges so I bought the irons. Solid feel. Simply great clubs."

From the manufacturer:

Cleveland Men's Launcher CBX IronsHigh Launch, Max Distance, Enhanced AccuracyCleveland is back in the golf club market with new irons for the first time in a few years, and its new Launcher CBX irons are giving golfers an impressive combination of distance, high launch, and control. A classic cavity back design, the Launcher CBX irons utilize Cup Face technology to increase ball speed, while their cavity design features perimeter weighting that helps protect ball speed on off-center strikes. Additionally, progressive shaping through the set optimizes performance with each club, as low-profile longer irons with thicker toplines promote distance and higher launch conditions while more compact short irons with thinner toplines encourage control on scoring shots. WhataTMs most unique about the Launcher CBX irons, however, is that Cleveland has utilized some of its most popular and successful wedge technology in the design to promote enhanced control. Of particular note, Tour Zip Grooves and Laser Milling combine to provide improved distance control from all lie conditions, while Feel Balancing Technology helps move the CG closer to the center of the clubface for tighter shot dispersion and improved impact sound and feel. And finally, the Dual V-sole design of the Launcher CBX irons gives players forgiveness, versatility, and exceptional turf interaction.Cleveland Men's Launcher CBX Irons features: * Stock Shafts: True Temper Dynamic Gold 98 steel, Miyazaki C Kua graphite * Shaft Flexes: Senior, Regular, Stiff * Stock Grip: Cleveland Blue Cap by Lamkin * Feel Balancing Technology moves the CG closer to the center of the clubface for improved feel and a tighter shot dispersion * Cup Face design creates faster ball speeds for improved distance * Laser Milling and Tour Zip Grooves provide exceptional distance and spin control * The Dual V-Sole promotes a combination of forgiveness, versatility, and enhanced turf interaction * Progressive shaping enables optimal results.

Tour zip grooves.

Double laser milling.

Progressive V sole.

Japan Wazaki Black Finish WL-IIs 4-SW Combo Hybrid Irons

Japan Wazaki Black Finish WL-IIs 4-SW Combo Hybrid Irons

These are Amazon reviews from genuine purchasers of this iron set:

"I am a weekend warrior golfer & my goal is to be consistent. After picking up my clubs again after 20-some years of gathering dust, I have learned a couple things: 1) Steel shafts make my arms sore & 2) hybrids are my best clubs. So, it made perfect sense to give these a try. They arrived yesterday so I can't comment yet on how they hit. But, I must say after unboxing & taking off the protective wrappings, I am impressed with the packaging, quality & feel. As mentioned by a previous purchaser, the numbers on the hybrids are extremely small. That's my only criticism. For the money, I don't see how you can beat this set. The covers are stiff but slip on & off easily. I will follow up with another review after I get to the driving range this weekend.

OK, I took the clubs out to the range last weekend & learned:
1) They are easy to swing
2) I feel the weighted heads better
3) Don't have to swing as hard
4) The balls launch consistently higher & straighter
5) Distance is as good if not slightly better
These clubs are worth every penny & I can't wait to start playing with them!"

"These clubs are perfect for my game. I'm a senior player and with these mixed hybrids and cavity back irons the ball goes straight. I play to an 8 handicap and these are staying in my bag."

"Solid grips and club heads w good weight. Needed to go to driving range a few times to adjust my swings to it. Particularly, with hybrid clubs if I relax and swing, the clubs do the job (distance & accuracy), no hard swing/hitting needed. My favorite is #7 hybrid, very useful. Yes, value for money."

From the manufacturer:

We've included a progressive head tech construction in our WL-IIs Mx Forged Iron to provide the extreme balance of ball flight, playability for each iron. The offset and sole widths are engineered strategically to keen control and high-spinning shots in the short-irons.

The center of gravity is positioned progressively lower from the highest-lofted to the lowest-lofted in each head to enhance feel and distance control in the short-irons.

An Innovative Shape with high ball Speeds. This is what the WaZaki WL-IIs Hybrid Iron brings to us.With the innovative technology designed to create faster ball speeds and more forgiveness.The new hybrid iron comes with a new incredible speed face and a casting body.This creates a low CG and added forgiveness.

With the progressive head Shape goes through the whole Mx forged iron set,two different steel materials Mx Steel(high strength stain steel)and soft iron are sequential utilized to longer and shorter irons,precision milled grooves and two-piece insert construction to deliver the remarkable combination of speed,forgiveness,distance and control.

We still applied bushikadna shaft in our WL-IIs Mx Forged Iron this time.There are three flex are in available, Regular, Stiff Regular and Stiff.

LAZRUS Premium Golf Irons

LAZRUS Premium Golf Irons Individual or Golf Irons Set for Men (4,5,6,7,8,9) Driving Irons (2&3) Right Hand Steel Shaft Regular Flex Golf Clubs

These are Amazon reviews from genuine purchaser of these clubs:

"Ordered the 2 and 3 driving irons awhile ago. Apparently the post office lost the clubs. I contacted Lazrus and informed them of the situation. Immediately they offered me the options of a refund or another set of irons. I chose the latter. Within 24 hours the replacement clubs arrived by priority mail. There were no scratches on the clubs. They look and feel like much more expensive clubs. I had the club lies adjusted by a pro and I can hit them a country mile. They are not the easiest clubs to hit, so practice is recommended. But when they are hit properly, wow! No fairway woods needed. What Lazrus did for me is an example of customer service at its best. Well done!"

"Likes , The Price , Quality , for me they came in 4 through 9 already had Cleveland wedges , dislike , The Grips are rubber and thin , if you are used to midsize , order those to you will wanna change , I bought the Champkey grips two pack 9.99 each you'll need 3 of those and the small bottle of grip solvent , first time just youtube it EZ ,$30 I got the blue & gray looks great feels great now , that's it !"

"These clubs are awesome. I’m fairly new to golf, and wasn’t trying to spend hundreds of dollars on a top brand set, so I rolled the dice and decided to try these. I’m glad I did. They are super good quality and now that I am making solid contact just about every swing, i can see the ball travels just about as far as any big name brand club I’ve ever used. The grips are to be expected, a little rough but nothing you can’t deal with. Overall these are a great value and I will recommend this brand to anyone just getting into the game."

From the manufacturer:

There is an iron set (4,5,6,7,8,9) and also individual irons (2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, PW) on this listing.

This Lazrus golf iron set is the best valued golf clubs for men on the market, made in the same place as some of the "best" clubs in the world.

It’s no secret that premium golf irons are the club of choice for the top golfers on the planet. We brought the best golf irons to the market for everyday golfers like you that want great golf clubs at an insanely good value (80% less than "big name" brands) Enjoy!

The iron set only includes 4,5,6,7,8,9

The 2&3 set is separate and only includes the 2 & 3 irons

- For everyday golfers, weekend warriors - 2 iron, 3 iron, 4 iron, 5 iron, 6 iron, 7 iron, 8 iron, 9 iron. Pitching wedge is only sold as a single club and not included in the set. - Shaft: Stepped Steel - Right Handed - Custom golf grips - Regular flex - Deep grooves for more spin & control

Lengths & Lofts:

4 iron - 38.5" length, 23 degree loft

5 iron - 38" length, 27 degree loft

6 iron - 37.5" length, 31 degree loft

7 iron - 37" length, 35 degree loft

8 iron - 36.5" length, 39 degree loft

9 Iron - 36" length, 43 degree loft

PW - 35.5" length, 47 degree loft

What if we told you Our clubs are literally manufactured in the same places as some of the biggest brands in the world? We're here to provide you with the greatest quality golf club iron set at the greatest value. We disrupted the golf industry to offer the best golf clubs set at an unbeatable value. Set includes: Individual 4 iron, 5 iron, 6 iron, 7 iron, 8 iron, 9 iron. PW is only sold as a single club and not included in the set.

We KNOW you will LOVE the LAZRUS golf irons set. Value. Consistency. We're here for you!

HANDS DOWN THE BEST QUALITY: Lazrus golf irons are made in the same place as some of today's "top" golf iron sets - For 1/4 the price!

THOUSANDS OF LAZRUS CLUBS SOLD: Our premium golf irons were created for normal everyday golfers like you or weekend warriors but without the crazy price tag. Truly amazing golf club irons that will shave strokes at an amazing price.

2 IRON GOLF CLUB: This is for the individual 2 golf iron.

SPECS: Right handed, stepped steel shaft, regular flex with custom lazrus grips. Deep grooves for great spin, control and consistency from the fairway, fringe or rough.

BUY WITH CONFIDENCE: Absolute 100% risk free purchase. Don't LOVE it? Simply return this golf iron! A deal that cannot be beat anywhere in the golf industry!

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